This one started off as a quick sketch. I just did this vicar head in the top left corner of a page and thought it was funny if he was crying out for the death of the Irish. Then I put a panel border around him and had a fun few days bringing this angry little bugger to life.

I don’t even know what vicars do, really. I mean, people really pay people to just sit around and talk to the locals? I can do that. Wait, I’m an anti social sod who sits inside all the time and can’t even stomach using a telephone let alone talking to people, scratch that. This is why I draw comics!

As happy as I am with the character and the comics that I did for him, I really wish I thought ahead and made a character that didn’t have a solid black costume! It made all the details I added to his arms and cloth wrinkles just completely disappear once I coloured him in. D’oh.

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