Well either I’m onto something good or I’m already at week six and having to resort to cheap tricks – it’s my first spin-off strip! Bob made his first appearance in an episode of Medical Drama Comic, and I thought it would be interesting to see if he can make it out on his own, so to speak. We’ll see how we go!

In other Funny Webcomic news, wish me luck ‘coz it’s entered into the Webcomics Idol competition. I’ll find out if I make the top 10 in a few weeks, so wish me luck! I’m not expecting to get into that stage but it’s nice to at least be in the running. So so many good comics out there!

Oh! You might have noticed that this week (and some of last weeks) Funny Webcomics are in black and white. I decided to forgo colour because it was adding way too much time to the strip process, and my whole philosophy with this comic was to get something out as quickly as possible. Color is great, and it’s something I can add at a later date, but for now my priority is getting the strip out on time, with regularity, and build up a nice buffer. I could either do five black and white strips a week or three colour ones, and I think more content is better than less content, right?

Would love to know what you think!