This week’s Funny Webcomic topic came out of left field, but I think it works pretty well all in all. Unwritten Man Rules are being written for the first time! If you are a man, you might need to know this stuff. I learned a lot of it the hard way. If you are not a man, then you should think about becoming one. You don’t have to sit down when you pee and nobody complains when you speak your opinion on things.

I’m gearing up for the 24 hour comic day this Saturday, so wish me luck! Follow my progress on my twitter link and watch me slowly go mad with a sore arm and a lack of sleep. Should be a riot!

Oh, Project WOnderful have given me the go-ahead to run ads here on Funny Webcomic, so please excuse any dust that arises as I try to blow the cobwebs off the…uh…that was a bad metaphor wasn’t it.