This week I thought I’d try something different and do a different comic every day with a different celebrity. Be warned, you kinda need to know who these celebrities are in the first place to get the joke. Oh well!

(And, uh, if you’re a fan of these celebrities…feel free to post these comics around, hint hint)

This week almost killed me in terms of hitting the deadlines…usually I manage to do a whole week’s worth of strips by the end of Wednesday after starting on Monday but the second strip took three whole freakin’ days. It turns out drawing Felicia Day realistically is hard because, well, for no other reason that I suck when I try to draw anyone realistically. D’oh!

In other news, it is SO COOL to see this site appear high on Google and Yahoo searches for “Funny Webcomic” “Top Daily Comic” and such things. Hello to everyone visting for the first time after looking for a comic about “Medical Funny Comics” or something 🙂