This is one of those ideas I put in the big list of 52 Funny Webcomic ideas without really thinking too much about it. I mean, I knew it was a silly sounding idea, but that’s about as far as I took it before trying to think of the next one. In theory it would be easy to flesh out the idea once I get around to doing it.

Sometimes I wish I can punch myself in the nose for these dumb ideas!

Still, I think the idea has legs and I’m glad I pushed ahead with it. It just took a few days to warm up to it. It does make me wonder how far I should be pushing the “dirt” level of the humour – some of these strips feel like they belong in Viz…which to me isn’t a bad thing, but still, something to think about!

Oh and look out for a guest appearance by Plant-Man + Flowerin’s Action Sally on Friday’s strip! And there’s an appearance by another character that will make her debut in Plant-Man in a few months from now. Gosh!