OK right off the bat I have to admit this one did not work at all. Or at least, originally it didn’t.

I started drawing this little story about a man who got cut off in traffic while I was stuck in a meeting. Before the concensus was tabulated and minuted and blah blah blah it had balooned out to 15 panels. I just thought it was funny that he was so angry for so long. It fit in with the Misplaced Anger Week theme so I figured cool, that makes for a good Monday strip…

Then I got stuck coming up with Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s strip. Looks like I blew my proverbial load on the Monday one. D’oh!

Four frantic days later I resort to cutting the Monday strip into five pieces, colouring them in and putting them online. Since it wasn’t designed to be run as seperate strips the whole gag falls flat. Oh well, better luck next week!