As soon as I drew this comic I felt really bad about it because really, Evan Dorkin has enough crap to deal with in his life than to have to listen to a bunch of people complaining that they’re waiting fifteen+ years to read a new issue of their favourite comic book.

However the one thing I like about this strip is that it reinforces to me why I love doing Funny Webcomic. If I wanted to put a comment about a comic nobody reads directed towards a comic book creator that nobody knows (but I absolutely adore and is easily one of the top three influences on me growing up) in one of my video games I’d have to run it past 50 people and need the support of a team of artists and programmers and marketing people and get it signed off by legal and then two years later when it comes out nobody gets it anyway.

I mean don’t get me wrong making video games is super awesome x20000 mega bonus but it’s not the proper venue for this kind of thing.

I just really want a new Hectic Planet damn it.