I haven’t updated this blog in forever so instead of trying to play catch up I figured I’d just write once a week about whatever pressing concern is on my mind. Today I spent mostly outside doing Suburban Life things and my arms are sore and I have a headache so the last thing I want to talk about are the trees I chopped up and how to tie them up properly.

So instead I’ll talk about the most important thing on my mind, the simple fact that Sandra Bernhard is an evil bitch.

I mean look at her. No I’m not going to include an image here because let’s face it the comics aren’t much of a looker either so why make this site even uglier than it is already. But geez, that horrible permanent sneer, that scraggy hair, that “for Pete’s sake eat a freakin’ cheeseburger” frame…ugh, I just hate that looking at her.

But that’s not the worst of it. She represents the absolute worst aspects of the ’90s AKA best decade ever.

Case in point, Hudson Hawk. God damn do I love me some Hudson Hawk. I don’t care what you say about Hudson Hawk I thought it was an awesome movie. Heck even the Commodore 64 game was great, so great that I actually bought it and let me tell you hardly anyone ever bought Commodore 64 games. You should try it sometime. ANYWAY Sandra Bernhard was in Hudson Hawk and she was easily the worst part of it. That stupid scene where she’s on the bad guy’s desk singing that stupid I GOT THE POWER! song just clinched it.

I hate that song, I hate that scene and I hate Sandra Bernhard.

Then she was in Roseanne and I hate that show too, though Darlene was cute as all hell in it.