I’ve been reading about how to effectively build a community via blogging and the common theme that keeps coming up is that a blog needs…well, a common theme. Put simply, if you write about something that interests you, people who have similar interests will find your blog and connect with what you’re writing.

It’s an idea that I think holds up if I think about the blogs I read the most, so it’s something I want to apply here.

The first thing I need to do is figure out what my interests are and OH GOD MY LIST LOOKS LIKE I JUST HIT THE ‘RANDOM’ BUTTON TEN TIMES I MEAN LOOK AT THIS

1) Commodore 64 damn I love the Commodore 64 so much it’s the greatest gaming system of all time and anyone who disagrees is just flat out wrong, you know it and I know it. It had Elite and Wizball and Sim City and Stunt Car Racer and Great God Damn Giana Sisters which is better than Super Mario Brothers any day of the week. Look I can see you reaching for the email button but. Just. Don’t. Bother. It’s a fact.

2) Alyson Hannigan is tops. Yeah!

3) So is Ricki Lee Coulter.

4) CRACKDOWN Lord almighty do I love me some CRACKDOWN both games are great in their own right and every day you should play some CRACKDOWN and jump off a building because that just can’t be beat. YEAAAAAAH CRACKDOWN

5) Chocolate milk, boy howdy you can’t beat drinking a tall frosty glass of chocolate milk at the end of the day.

6) Ella Morton is also cool and funny.

7) COMICS yeah how good are comics. I’ve recently been reading Axe Cop which is genius. Nedroid is also great. I like silly comics that don’t take themselves seriously.

8: Little Golden Books are also cool and fun to read. They have really nice art and the stories aren’t stupid and complicated and never-ending like Spider-Man or the nightly news. Read a Little Golden Book today don’t pretend you have something better to do.

9) Early ‘90s music is the only type of music, if they’ve made music since then I don’t care to hear about it thank you very much.

10) Did you know that every single video game should be more like Rainbow Islands? Well now you DO. How much better would your favourite video game be if the main character shot RAINBOWS and defeated enemies turned into FRUIT? SO MUCH BETTER.

See? How the heck am I meant to put that into some semblance of normality. Can’t be done. I’m off to go read comics while drinking chocolate milk and listening to some Breeders.