Today was my last day at work.

It’s been a weird day, that’s for sure. I’ve cleaned out the desk, said my goodbyes and got parked in at the back of that sodding small car park for the last time. Hugs were up 1400%.

I enjoyed most of them.

I’m really going to miss seeing everyone every day, they were such a talented, hard working group of people that, for some weird reason, put up with my nonsense.

But after about 2 o’clock I started to feel like those creepy guys that graduate high school but still hang around the place because they’ve got nowhere else to go, so I left for the last time.

I don’t think it’s really hit me yet. This is a place that I’ve spent the last almost 8 years doing pretty much nothing but thinking about and working to make a better place. The company has been my life for a fifth of my time on Earth…and now it’s time to move on.

Hope I’m ready for it.

It’s like everything has changed and I have a whole new world to explore. All the structure I’ve built my day to day life around has just disappeared in an instant.

Scary? Yeah, absolutely. It’s also strangely exciting.

But more than anything else I feel pride. I’m so proud of the games that we all made, the milestones we hit, and the fact that somehow we made millions of people happy with our creations. I’m so proud of the people and every one of them I’ll miss.

I have no idea what I’m going to do next – and if you’re in the market for someone to promote (or design) your video game, drop me a line! I’ve started talking to people, seeing what’s out there – and I want to talk to lots more.

In the meantime…I can finally reveal that TY The Tasmanian Tiger was actually a South African meerkat.

Man, that one feels good to finally let out!