This past week I started work at my new job!

I know I’ve already talked about it on Twitter and on various places but wanted to expand a bit on it here.

First of all – it’s back in game development. The company is brand new and haven’t announced their existence to the world yet so I’ll leave it to them to do that at a later date, but suffice to say it’s a great company, with strong financial and creative backing and we’re all really excited to start something fun and cool.

I’m working as a game designer and it’s really refreshing to just be a designer instead of designer / pitch writer / team lead / PR / whatever else people needed that day guy. I loved (loved!) doing all of that other stuff at my last job but it did impact how much time and focus I could give to the game I was working on…which came to the detriment of the game itself. So now I’m going to see if I can still cut it as a game designer. You’ll be the judge when the game comes out…when it comes out.

The last month has been a weird trip, watching something I cared about so much fall apart in a matter of days, and adjusting to life outside of the bubble. I kept pretty busy, doing some freelance writing, talking to people about new opportunities both here and abroad, and of course working on the creative and business side of comics.

The last two weeks in particular I was able to concentrate on Funny Web Comic a lot. I think the strips have gotten better during that period – while the amount of time it took to draw a comic didn’t change I was able to think about the writing more. I now have a real PC and a nice dual monitor and Wacom tablet set up too, which makes it much easier to get the comic done. It was pretty cool getting up in the morning and sitting down to draw a comic!

But geez I started going stir crazy after a while. For such an anti-social hermit I missed hanging around an office full of creative geeks to talk junk with. Of course, I completely forgot that I don’t miss the commute hour traffic, the pressure of the workplace, and having to wear pants all day. Still, I’m glad to be back in the swing of things and into the warm, caressing bosom of the videogames industry.

Hmm, bosoms.