FINALLY! After months of preparation, hard work and the occasional session of quiet sobbing in the corner, my first collection of comics is now available in book form! Say hello to FUNNY BOOK COMIC:

Mankind's greatest achievementThis handy-dandy, 110 page book of awesomeness contains the entire first year of Funny Webcomic, complete with creator commentary AND bonus comics not seen anywhere else! All the comics are printed at supermegahigh resolution and look better than they do on the web, too. I’ve also gone and fixed up some of the worst art and spelling mistakes, now that’s a deal and no mistake.

It’s a BARGAIN at only $15 plus postage – and you can order it RIGHT NOW!

AND! If that wasn’t enough, I’m also offering an Artist Edition that is signed by yours truly AND includes a sketch / comic of whichever Funny Webcomic character you like the most. Only $25 plus postage and you’ll be a FOOL to pass this up yes sirree Bob!

I hope you’ll like this book – it’s been a lot of fun putting it together, adding all the bonus content and seeing how far this comic has come since it started. I’m curious to see what you think of it! And of course, supporting projects like this ensures I can keep doing this silly comic over the next year.

PS: If you’re in the United States, AND you don’t want an Artist Edition, you’ll probably save time by ordering it through IndyPlanet. GO GO GO!