Just wanted to give you the heads up on a new* website I just uploaded to the Intertrons!

It’s called What Was That Game? and it’s all about reconnecting people with video games they used to love, but can’t remember the name of. From the site:

Ever tried in vain to remember a computer, console or arcade game from your youth and gone mad in the process? Stayed up until 4AM Googling desperately with only a few vague clues? We’re here to help. Tell us anything you can remember about your game – no matter how weird it seems – and we’ll find it for you as soon possible. Join in and help out other lost gamers, too!

Try it out today – it’s free to sign up and ask / answer questions. I’m even trying to organise giveaways for the most helpful people, so let’s get this ball rolling! I am super, super excited to have it back online, and love using the part of my brain stuffed with obscure video games to help people out.

*I say ‘new’ because it’s actually a relaunch of a site I started back in 2003, packed full of new technological goodness. It’s won “Website of the month” in the prestigious Edge magazine, and did very well for itself until an untimely server crash took it down. Oh, me and my stupid lack of backups!

That’s What Was That Game? folks – call now, operators are standing by!