Today I did something that could easily be described as “financial suicide”. I’ve made Funny Book Comic, the printed book that sells for $15, available as a digital download for $2.

Oh, and it doesn’t have any copy protection on it either.

See, this is why I shouldn’t be left alone with anything more complicated than a box of Duplos.

But here’s the thing though – I can’t escape the nagging feeling that this plan is so crazy that it just might work.

Digital is the future. Anyone who says otherwise is a loon. I haven’t bought a CD in like a decade, yet I’m still having to buy new hard drives to store my increasingly large iTunes folder. I spend about a thousand dollars a year on video games and haven’t been inside a games store since 2008. Why should comics be any different?

I love doing comics online. Back when I started doing mini comics my audience was limited to the number of people that walked into the four or five dingy comic and record stores in my local city that would carry my stuff on commission. Now it’s anyone who has the Internet and the desire to read something that might make them laugh. I love the fact that with each passing year the dinosaurs who used to run the world’s media and commerce channels are roaring louder and louder about the meteors of people making their own movies, shows, music, games, comics etc crashing down on them.

So here we are, just you and me. How does two dollars for over a hundred pages of comics, creator commentary and bonus goodies, delivered instantly to the PDF reader of your choice sound? They say making it DRM-free is an invitation for piracy, but I think that’s just flat out hogwash. I don’t mind paying for things that have value. How about you?

Anyway, this could all blow up in my face, but I’ll keep you updated either way!