You know, I just realized that I never really formally explained the voting system that Funny Web Comic is based on! Silly me.

Over on the right side of this and every page on Funny Web Comic is a poll where you (yes YOU up at the back there…don’t think I can’t see what you’re up to) have your say on what I draw next.

See, I change Funny Web Comic’s “theme” every week to keep things fresh AND ensure that I’m doing the comics you like the best. The voting has made unlikely stars out of ideas I had no idea would work (Henry, Suburban Life, Old Video Game Jokes…) and relegated ideas I thought would do gangbusters to relative obscurity (Medical Drama Comic, Plant-Man + Flowerin’, Annoyed Vicar…). I think it’s a cool system because it ends up surprising me every week and it keeps the content fresh.

SO. Every week I list five themes…well, four themes and “something new” which is always there to ensure I’ll eventually do something besides jokes about Q-Bert or whatever…and you can vote for which one you think I should do next week. I do five comics a week, so make sure you vote for something I can work with 🙂

At the end of the week I reset the poll and put up a new one. The new poll gets rid of the lowest scoring poll entry (except for “Something New” which is a permanent mainstay) and replaces it with the next theme up on the list on the Comics page. The winning theme stays on the poll list, but is reset to zero votes.

Votes for the middle three themes carry over to the next week, which means that themes that are sort of popular will eventually get their chance to shine. It’s the only way Hive FM ever gets online!

Go on, give it a shot – your opinion is super important! What other comic out there let’s you command the artist around like a personal joke slave? None that’s what.