I’m a fairly busy guy.

I have a day job that involves the corruption of innocent youth through the creation of video games. It’s a pretty good job full of creative challenges and I can’t wait for you to see what I’ve been working on lately when it’s revealed at E3 in a few weeks.

A few weeks ago I’ve also helped start a PR company for independent video game developers who want help getting the word out about their game. This has been more successful than we though it would be initially and has resulted in a lot of after hours work, but it’s going to lead to some really exciting things!

I also like to spend quality time with the wife and cats, because they are what it’s all about, you know. ‘Nuff said.

And then of course there’s this darn comic…

I’ve been putting a lot more effort into the comic over the last few months, I hope it’s been noticable. Probably not, nobody reads stupid comics, ha. But at any rate the hours needed to make comic have been getting longer and combined with everything else it was really starting to turn me into a miserable old grump.

No, wait, that’s being too kind – I was being a stressed out asshat. An absolute nightmare to be around.

Now if thIs was any other comic this would be the inevitable blog post where the artist says they’re taking a break (that they never return from) or going to change to a less frequent schedule (that they stick to for a week before taking a break that they never return from). But not THIS idiot. Instead I’m trying to work smarter and manage my time better so I’m not up till 1 in the morning every night working on a comic I’m not happy with anyway.

Last week I set aside two hours on a Saturday to write the following week’s comics. It was awesome. No distractions, no stressing out about a deadline and having to come up with something I cam draw that morning, just me in my hammock watching the cats and writing. And then during the week I drew the comics.

It was AWESOME. I got all the comics done by Thursday with tons of time to spare. I felt so much more relaxed. When it was time to draw, I could just DRAW instead of waste half my time trying to think of the joke. The jokes turned out better. The art turned out better. I spent the week much much happier and more productive on my other tasks. The hours I spend on it may not have changed but splitting the time into writing and drawing separately has worked out great.

Plus it’s always nice to start the weekend on the hammock.