Today I made a big change to the way voting works on so I thought I’d take a minute to explain what it means.

Voting for what you want next week’s comics to be about has always been a big part of what makes this site different from the other webcomics. I think it’s a good feature to have since it lets me know what stuff you like and forces me to flex different creative muscles each week.

For a while now I’ve been really frustrated with the practicalities of it. One of the big problems is that there were only five options presented each week – well, four really, since “Something New” was a permanent mainstay. This was fine in the old days when there were only a handful of themes in the archive but now there’s over fifty (good holy Christ how did THAT happen?!) and that means a lot of good ideas aren’t even presented as an option for months at a time. That’s become an issue lately since some of the most recent hits such as Presidog or Brendan Brewer disappeared off the polls and there wasn’t room for them to come back for at least six months. Someone who was new to the comic and found it through someone linking to Henry wouldn’t be able to vote for his return because of some archaic rule saying there should only be five options at once.

The other side of the coin was that I think some of the options people are voting for are only winning because the other options don’t appeal. I mean seriously guys, VIDEO GAME DESIGN FLOWCHARTS? You really want me to do THEM again for another week? Well, OK, I will, but I’m not convinced that’s a better option than Terry The Crappy Terrorist or White Teenagers With Problems and if they were on the list they would have beat out stupid flowchart comics that really aren’t comics at all.

So I’ve changed it so EVERY option is available for you to vote for. That way you always can vote for, say, Old Video Game Jokes every week and it’ll eventually return. And I can’t moan about how an idea I hate like flowcharts or lights out comics get voted in because at least you had all the options available.

What do you think? Am I nuts here?