So hey, yesterday was my last day as a games designer.

After almost ten years of working out of the old Krome building I left for the final time, at least as an employee. I’ve made so many friends and memories in that place it’s hard to think that I will never darken its door again. But all good things must come to an end and all that, and I still find it incredible that I lasted there as long as I did. By all rights I should have never have even made it in there in the first place.

So for those who don’t know after Krome’s meltdown at the tail end of last year I found myself still working in the same building, with some of the same people, for a different company that was assembled to finish off a game we were making at Krome. The game is the Wii / PS3 / 360 version of Happy Feet 2 and it’ll be on sale in November. I helped make the bonus levels for it. It was a good way to spend a few months still doing the game design thing while being surrounded by people far more talented than myself.

But like all good things it had to end some time and so it was with my time there.

It was kinda sad leaving, but also incredibly exciting for a number of reasons. In fact, I’m really looking forward to the cool new things around the corner.

Such as?

I’m starting a new career. On Monday I’ll start my new job in a completely new part of the gaming industry and it’s a step I’ve been wanting to take for a couple of years now. I’ll be working in the publishing side of the business as a brand manager. It’s still a bit early to talk about it in detail but it basically means I’ll be working with overseas publishers, local retailers and media to help sell some really cool games that are coming out in the future. What’s even more exciting is that it’s in a different city with a completely different set of people so I’m looking forward to getting to know a whole new crowds and locale. AND NO MORE COMMUTING TO WORK IN THAT HORRIBLE BRISBANE TRAFFIC! YES YES YES.Instead I’ll be cruising down the lovely and comparatively quiet Gold Coast traffic 🙂  There is a bit of a down side though, in that it’s looking like I won’t be able to be at the coming Supanova Brisbane’s Artist Alley since my work will also be having a booth there and I expect I’ll be working that. I’ll keep you updated though, hopefully at the very least I’ll have the new Funny Book Comic on sale there somehow!

Funny Webcomic is changing. Fear not! I’m still doing five comics a week, every week, because I’m crazy like that. This week marks the end of the third year I’ve been doing this comic and I thought I’d use the opportunity to change the format a bit. Instead of doing five comics about one theme that you vote on each week, I’m making each day a set theme and you get to vote on what I should do for Friday’s comic. So for example every Monday could be a new Presidog comic, every Tuesday a new White Teenagers With Problems, etc. What will the themes be, though? YOU TELL ME. I’ve changed the poll to the right of this blog post so you can vote for your favourite themes. The ones with the most votes will be the one that I bring back first. And remember that each Friday will be a random theme based on your votes during the week. So vote early vote often!

I’ve launched a new comic site. YES! Well, sort of. Because Old Video Game Jokes was so insanely popular I’ve decided to make it it’s own thing, a site where you can see over 90+ retro gaming comics all in one place. It’s called Blow The Cartridge and I think you’ll like it. The comics are a lot bigger for one thing. And each wedNESday I’ll be adding more! Stop on by and suggest what game I do next! Guys, if you could take five seconds out of your day today and help spread the word, that would be a HUGE help, I would really appreciate it!

I’m getting some studio space. Just in case you were worried about the new job taking up too much time (and believe me, it will take up a ton of time) we’re getting a dedicated studio space for me to make these silly comic things in built soon. It’s going to be amazing you guys, amazing. It’s really going to help me concentrate on making the comics better, organise more cool stuff to have on the site and at conventions, and even allow me to stream me making the comic more regularly. Wouldn’t that be cool?

OK, I think that’s about it. The fourth year of Funny Webcomic is going to be the best one yet. I’m tremendously excited for what this month is going to bring.

How about you?