It’s been too long. So, what have you been up to? I like what you’ve done with your hair!

Things are going good here. It’s a bit weird to be out of the game development world, but being on the publishing side is proving to be really interesting. It’s crazy to see the view form inside the belly of the beast. It’s not exactly the most creative outlet on the planet, but my theory is that it’ll allow me to focus my creative energies on the comic and make the comic better. I’ll leave it to you to judge if it’s proving to be successful.

It’s a very busy job and it’s not like I have a Cintiq on my desk while I’m at work so I can bust out a strip during my lunch break. It’s been difficult getting used to juggling my time around differently to still get the comic done every day but I think I have it worked out now and hopefully you wouldn’t have noticed anything different.

I like the new update schedule, how about you? I like how you just get a taste of everything during the week. It’s also cool how Friday’s comic is something different and might even be made a permanent feature if enough people are interested. Speaking of which…

Last week our very own Brendan Brewer, Video Game Reviewer earned himself a feature article on video game website juggernaught Kotaku (Austalia)! That was a huge honour, I always imagined Brendan as the kind of guy who spends his spare time posting comments there hoping to get noticed. It’s great to see real life game journalists liking his antics. Seriously how cool is that! If you are a game website and you feel like writing about my comics that would make me very happy.

Oh hey! Want to see something cool? Lisvender drew this based on Monday’s Presidog comic. How awesome is that! The first ever piece of Presidog fan art! So proud 🙂