Man, people really get all up in arms about review scores. It’s like sports fans who will punch you to death if you insult their team. I guess some folk just get really invested in these things.

This week there’s all sorts of hullabaloo about GameSpot giving the new Zelda game a 7.5 out of 10, but who am I to judge them? I haven’t played the game, the only real interest I have in it is the part of me that is hardwired to be interested in a Zelda game when it comes out and then never play it again.

And to their credit, GameSpot let me get away with not doing ANY review scores for the games I reviewed for them back in the day, so at least they tried to change the way people get attached to the scores. Of course that was back before the days of GameRankings, and them buying GameRankings, and scores becoming a big, big deal.

I can’t even say I was always above this nonsense. I remember being incensed that Zzap! 64 game Wizball a score of 96% instead of 97%. IT WAS FOREVER DENIED ITS TRUE LEGACY.