I was going to draw Presidog tonight (man, don’t I have exciting Saturday nights) but I started doodling in my sketch book for the first time in forever.

It was, as the kids say, heaps fun.

And it’s made me realise something – I draw better with analog tools. I take a lot of short cuts and don’t experiment much with digital. I also have a really hard time keeping the scale of things correct when I’m having to zoom in so much on the small screen so I end up with huge heads and tiny hands and so forth. So I think I’ll need to try and do more of this, maybe make it a weekly thing.

Anyway! Here’s some pages out of my sketch book.

This is from one of the life drawing classes they held at my last job. Not a lot of life drawing classes now that I’m on the publishing side of the business. Maybe I should suggest it!

Another life drawing sketch. To be honest the only thing I really wanted to draw was the model’s hands. Hands are a nightmare at the best of times so I loved the idea of drawing nothing but hands for two hours. I got kind ticked off at the instructor who kept telling me to study the whole body. JUST LET ME GET MY HEAD AROUND THUMBS FIRST GEEZ.

Some quick sketches of Amanda from White Teenagers With Problems I did tonight. The one on the top left is the best I think. I still have a hard time drawing her right. In my mind she’s like a redhead version of one of the girls from Neighbours that I can’t recall the name of because I don’t really watch the show anyway.

Some random character sketches I busted out tonight to warm up the pencil.

Finally tonight I drew these two. I liked the way the dress turned out for the woman on the left but hate her legs. I liked the way the face and expression turned out for the woman on the right but hate that I stupidly drew a Pac-Man. You can’t win ’em all.

Anyway, time to draw Presidog!