Just letting you know I’m taking a week off from doing comics next week…but I’ll still be updating the site.

Well, let me put it this way: I think this website is ugly as all hell and it’s time to nuke it from orbit and start again. It’s cluttered and ugly and so much of it’s broken that I can’t stand looking at it any more. It’s been an eyesore for so long but I only had time to either fix the site or make a comic and making a comic would always win out.

So, I’m going to use my creative time next week to fix the site as much as I can and hopefully not completely break everything in the process.

Or hey maybe it’ll be like when a server bug broke a site I was working on years ago and instead of fixing it we just took it as an omen that we should just leave it alone and walk away. Who knows!

In the meantime I’m keen to hear what you think I should fix the most. Right now my main priority is removing the clutter, increasing the size of the navigation buttons and finding some way to let people browse through comics by theme instead of post date. I’d also like to give each main content element (the comic, the bit of text that goes with the comic and this main blog) it’s own section rather than just all floating around in this white abyss. What do you reckon?