Just wanted to give you a quick heads up with what I’m doing with Blow The Cartridge. First of all thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to check the site out and even say nice words about it. It really means a lot to me that you’ve given it your support at its early stages. I really really enjoy making these comics and I love hearing your suggestions about what classic video game to feature next.

Blow The Cartridge started off as a bunch of old videogame jokes I did here on Funny Webcomic and for the longest time I was running each comic on both sites. But now it’s time for Blow The Cartridge to spread its wings and leave the nest, foraging for comic…worms. OK the analogy is bad but the bottom line is that from now on those comics will be running exclusively on www.blowthecartridge.com every WedNESday. If you haven’t been in a while, go check it out and see some comics you wouldn’t have seen here before. In the last three weeks I’ve done Hudson Hawk, Arkanoid and now Radar Ratrace.

That URL again is www.blowthecartridge.com call now operators are standing by.