I have to admit that I was one of those people who weren’t entirely sure if a second Supanova in Queensland was going to work, but it was a fantastic show, not only for the number of people but also for the small milestones I crossed while there.

First of all, I decided to take the plunge and get my own artist’s alley table instead of sharing it with someone. That’s a big deal! It was funny because I was freaking out about how I was supposed to fill an entire six foot table with comics…but as you can see, that space fills up really fast.

Not pictured: me panicking under the table

I’m really glad I got my own table not only so it let me have more room to display books and sketches but also because it allowed me to drag my long-suffering wife along to the show and help out.

To any comic folk out there who are toying with the idea of bringing their partner along with you to the show all I can say is DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT. She made all the difference to how well I did. Not only did she take on the burdens of keeping the table looking good, handling money, managing which sketch I was doing next and keeping me focused on talking to my readers and drawing…but I firmly believe she was key in making my table ‘female friendly’ especially for younger women who might have felt nervous about approaching a strange table staffed by…well, you know, comic book guys.

You know the type.

(Oh what am I saying, I am the type.)

Anyway! I know I’m meant to be confident in my work, and not panicking at all about how things would turn out, but it was still so amazing to see people actually come up and take an interest in all the nonsense I make here.

Each time I do these things I like to have a “sketch schtick” – something different I can offer people that other (actually talented) people on artist’s alley don’t have. For Supanova Gold Coast it was “I will draw any character you want as long as I can add a Mario hat and Moustache”, as a cross-promotion with the Blow The Cartridge book. For example:

When everyone else was studying Jack Kirby I was studying Fred Hembeck.

(Last year was “I will draw any character you like as long as I can put a pot plant on its head” to help promote Plant-Man…and I’ve already picked the schtick for the November show!)

The large majority of the time there I was getting requests for sketches faster than I could make them so THANK YOU to everyone who asked for one, that was fantastic! What an incredible reaction!

I also want to say a huge, huge HUGE thank you to everyone who came by to say hello and even buy some books! It was great to see some familiar faces and also people who I had never met but took a chance on the guy ranting and raving about perverted chocolate bars and Super Nintendo. There was even one guy who came out to the show just to get Blow The Cartridge…wow. Thank you again so much for keeping us monkeys in such great company.

Thanks also to my friendly artist alley neighbours Paul Mason and Paul Abstruse, we learned a lot from watching you two at work.

(First lesson: I really need to learn how to draw. ha ha)

Oh! I can’t forget to thank the woman who was kind enough to buy us a plush Mario mushroom and classic Sonic The Hedgehog keyrings! You’re far too kind and I can’t wait to have the mushroom take pride of place above my arcade cabinet in the man cave once it’s set up. (I still have a bit of digging to go…)

Speaking of retro gaming:

I didn’t get much of a chance to explore much of the show, which is a good thing really because it meant I was kept busy at the table, but I did manage to walk around once or twice and check out what other people’s stalls. I’m glad I was able to walk out of the show on the last day with a healthy stack of great locally made comics. I’ve already gushed about The Soldier Legacy on Twitter and I’m looking forward to reading through the comics from Ashcan, who seem to be gathering up top local talent like some kind of comic book Katamari. 100 Ways To Be Awesome and General Kick-Assery was brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

So…yeah. Great show, fantastic staff, massive crowds that were really clued in, and a great vibe to the place. Above all I want to thank my wife for not only putting up with all my frantic preperations for the show over the last few weeks but also for helping make it the most fun I’ve had in ages.

So…see you in November for Brisbane Supanova!