A new month, a new awesome thing for you to buy and keep me off the streets with! Funny Book Comic 2: BOOK HARDER is now available for everyone!

This 100+ page tome collects the entire second year of comics that ran on Funny Webcomic, including the first appearances of White Teenagers With Problems and Suburban Life Stories, and pads things out nicely with creator commentary for each week so you can see my descent into madness over the course of the year. It’s good for what ails ya!

Fake Gazunta Stories! Video Game Development Secrets! Unwritten Man Rules! A ton of other random comics I didn’t have the sense not do draw and upload! All this and more can be yours in your hot little hands! HOW CAN YOU RESIST SUCH GOODIES I KNOW NOT HOW.

Click here to grab your copy now and help keep this starving artist alive.