Hi. It’s been a while!

First of all, what the hell, man? No new comics? Yeah, I know, and it sucks, but I’ve put a brand new comic up tonight and we can get back on the horse. Wait, I don’t like horses, how about go-karts? Yeah, we’re back on the go-karts.

So. A couple of things all happened at once at the end of last month that really screwed everything up:

First of all, I changed day jobs! Resigning from a job and moving to a new one is a very exciting and stressful and ultimately rewarding process, but I’ve never done it before, and didn’t really know anyone who did. Jobs are just these things that happen to you and you just kind of make your peace with it, right. Every time I’d changed jobs before it was because the company I was with went under, so after a while I started to feel like the harbinger of death for any place silly enough to hire me. Maybe I still am! I’ve been at the new place for a month and am just now settling into things – it feels like a good fit and I see a future here.

Secondly, my desktop computer died. Well not all of it, just some bits in it. I don’t know. Look, I am not good at computers. It took about a week to get something resembling a working computer back, and another week to get all the right software on it again, so in the meantime I was just using my iPad and the wife’s netbook, neither of which are that great for drawing comics on. Man, fixing computers is the worst, just the worst.

Oh wait, it’s not the worst, building a games room in the back yard is! We are very over this whole thing now, and pretty much every spare moment in the last month has been spent working on it or thinking about it or buying things for it and I just want it done so I can move all my cool gaming stuff into it and play Bubble Bobble on the arcade cabinet and draw more comics and hide away with the wife in it while watching stupid movies. I think we’ve ‘broken the back’ of the project but man, it can’t be completed soon enough.

Fourthly, I picked up a ton of freelance work because I wasn’t under any restrictions from the old day job and I’m an idiot who can’t say no. It turns out that an iPad isn’t a real substitution for a real computer when you have real work do, who knew? Oh wait, everyone on the planet except for me. Gah!

There’s also been preparing for Supanova Brisbane. It’s going to be a swell time, folks. It could be the biggest Supanova yet! I am excited because I will be there exhibiting in Artist’s Alley with a brand new comic! The wife is excited because she can get her photo taken with Spike from Buffy! Actually I think her plan is cooler than mine. With all the craziness of the stuff above I decided that all my comic-making time was best spent making something really cool for Supanova. I’m proud to say that as of last night Blow The Cartridge #2 is off to the printers and it should (!) arrive in time for the show. I’m really happy with it. First of all there are some video game comics in there that were requested at the last show, and they are exclusive to the book. It also includes a brand new 13-page comic about the first time I almost died buying Street Fighter 2. It’s also exclusive to the book and it’s also the first time the wife has worked on a comic with me! She coloured it and it turned out a treat. I’ll be talking more about the show as we get closer, but I wanted to give you a heads up that something neat was happening for it. There’ll also be some other new things on the table, stay tuned!

So…yeah. I have a ton of updates to catch up on, but I hope you can understand why I’d prefer to get all my ducks in a row before doing good comics again instead of uploading garbage just keep…oh, wait. God damn it!