I’m pleased as punch to say that I will indeed be at the Brisbane Supanova Pop Culture Expo again this November 9 to 11! It’s going to be flipping awesome. Yeah, you heard me, FLIPPING.

I had an absolute blast earlier this year at the Gold Coast show and can’t wait to have an even better time at the Brisbane show, hosted again at the RNA Showgrounds. The people who go to Supanova area a real fun crowd and it’s great to catch up with them and show off some new stuff.

Speaking of which! There will be a new issue of Blow The Cartridge available exclusively at the show. I’m really excited about it! It’s over 30 full colour pages of comics about classic video games, and this issue has something special: a never before-seen 13 page comic about the first time I almost got killed buying Street Fighter 2 for the Super Nintendo. It’s really neat. I even somehow conned my poor wife into doing a bunch of the coloring. It’s new stuff that won’t be going on the website for a good long while yet, so get it while you can!

Aw man! How cool does that look? YEAH!

And also, due to popular demand that I still don’t quite understand, there will be a new Henry The Sexually Perverted Chocolate Bar book available! They’ll be new adventures of the tastiest candy in town ready to check out and some classics ready for another bite. There’ll also be some other neat things available that I haven’t quite finalised yet, so stay tuned here for more surprises! 🙂

There’s going to be TONS of cool stuff to check out at the show – so please stop by the Funnywebcomic.com table in the Artist’s Alley section and say hi! I’ll be doing sketches, selling comics and giving everyone super awesome hi-fives all day long. THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN FIND ME:

Check out the funnywebcomic.com booth in the Artist's Alley section! The ONLY table guaranteed NOT to give you space poison.