I’m writing this on the first day of January, 2013, and I started FunnyWebComic back in…September 2008 I think? I don’t want to distract myself to check. Anyway, somehow we’ve ended up here, at 1,000 comics. Crazy!

(I mean, there’s more comics I made on Plant-Man and Blow The Cartridge, but hey, who’s really counting?)

Thank you for being along for the ride. The last year’s been an interesting one, I think I learned to just have more fun making comics and not worry about making them viral or cool or hip whatever I was “supposed” to be paying attention to. I stopped making them for anyone but myself and – crazy – I think I did some decent stuff that actually found an audience. Thanks for your emails, comments and tweets, they have all really helped. Thank you to my long-suffering wife Sabb for putting up with this. There have been a lot of times where I let making comics just take over my life.

So…2013, what’s going to happen?

Well first of all, I think Hive FM is going to go to its own website very soon. Don’t fret too much they’ll still be here, just like how my Blow The Cartridge comics were on both sites for a long while when that strip split off onto its own site. But I did notice that Blow The Cartridge really grew into its own once it got its own domain and I think Hive FM could do the same. Stay tuned!

I’ve also decided not to do any conventions this year…it’s just way way WAY too much stress for what I get out of it. 2013 has a lot of stuff going on and, seriously, preparing for Supanova is practically a full time job for two or three months. It’s a fun event, but maaaaaan. I’m way better off putting my comic energies into…well, the comic. The comic needs improving. The comic ALWAYS needs improving. So how about I stop treading water and improve it?

However, one cool bit of news is that I’ll be teaching kids comics at Carindale Shopping Centre Library on January 13, so if you know any kids that want their fragile little minds warped by the power of COMICS come on by! Check this link our for more detail. See you there!