The very talented Mister J and I were talking about our mutual love of the fantastic show Strip Search over lunch a while back, in particular the touching episode where Erika Moen was eliminated, and so over some excellent curry we challenged each other to draw a comic about it.

Here’s the comics, which turned out almost as good as the bloody nice curry…and even if they didn’t turn out good, at least I got some curry. Damn I love curry.

I also love Strip Search! The finale will be up a few hours from the time this comic is posted, but you can always go back to the start and watch the whole wonderful saga. I find the show to be such a massive encouragement and can’t help be enthused to draw more comics after each episode. One of the really nice things about it is that all the contestants are nice people, and not bitching about each other, and are all just really supportive of each other’s work. It’s something you don’t see on ‘real’ reality TV.

One thing that was very cool was when my wife and I were watching an episode last week and she was surprised that there were so many female entrants.

“Uh, yeah”, I replied, “all the best web cartoonists have always been women”.