I like drawing. It’s fun and it keeps me off the streets. Now here’s your chance to help keep society safe while getting your VERY OWN comic or illustration created by me!

It’s easy! All you have to do is buy me something – anything – off my Amazon Wishlist. For that awesome piece of generosity I will draw a comic with you in it, or a comic about any subject of your choosing, or even a custom forum avatar – you name it! I’ll send you the high resolution version of the art and shout your name from my virtual rooftops.

Want a comic about your favourite old video game, or of you being interviewed by the Hive FM crew, or you gleefully munching on Henry The Sexually Perverted Chocolate Bar? Now’s your chance – but it’s for this month only! After July I’ll retreat into my man cave and revel in its sweet hermit-like warmth.


Why am I doing this? Because I’m crazy, and also because I am trying to save up for a Microsoft Surface Pro and really must refrain from buying myself anything for the foreseeable future. I shouldn’t be left alone on Amazon! I’m a danger to myself and everyone around me! See what I mean about being kept off the streets?

That Amazon Wish List link again – http://amzn.com/w/3CLYFJ4QC5905 – tell your friends, your family, the people ahead of you in line at the shops. Let’s get me chained to the drawing board, surrounded by cool stuff!