Did you know, in addition to chronicling the adventures of a Dog who is also the President, an old man stuck inside a chocolate bar and the people who make breakfast radio such a joy to listen to, I also make a comic about classic video games? It’s called Blow The Cartridge and it’s been going for a few years now! If you like the comics I make here and also you like video games you will probably like it.

This weekend I finally finished work on Blow The Cartridge #3, the third 30+ page collection of comics from the site presented in a superior high-resolution, uncompressed fashion. While we wait for the printers to make a physical version, the DRM-free digital version is ready for you to buy on my store! I reckon it’s a good idea to buy this. I bought a copy, it was a good idea.

I’m also giving away copies to anyone who is awesome enough to make a forum thread about Blow The Cartridge any time in September – so if you’re kind enough to do that, drop me an email and I’ll send you your download link! Just think how happy you will be to have this appear in your inbox:


And of course, I’m always on the lookout for more games to feature in Blow The Cartridge – after all, I have to start work on the next issue…