G’day. I’ve been a bit busy of late! Let me catch you up with what’s been going on:

First of all – and this was a bit of unplanned thing that only solidified recently – I’ll be at Supanova Brisbane this coming weekend! Actually by ‘weekend’ I mean ‘Sunday’ but that’s still pretty cool! If you’re in Brisbane then you should definitely swing by. I’ll be at the Edge Comix booth in the newly refurbished Artist’s Alley, HEY LOOK IT’S A MAP:

I’ll be there doing sketches of, I dunno, whatever you want as long as it looks like Minecraft or something, the kids these days love Minecraft I hear.

Secondly – I’ll be there selling the brand new print edition of Blow The Cartridge #3! It’s turned out an absolute treat, and will be available exclusively at the show before making its way to the store later on this month. This is your first and best chance to grab a hold of this cool comic!

Thirdly – I’ve also been hard at work on a brand new Plant-Man + Flowerin’ story, “Plant-Man’s Big End and Flowerin’s Tremendous Climax” which will be appearing in Groovy Gravy #15, ONLY AVAILABLE AT SUPANOVA BRISBANE ALL WEEKEND! This will be your one and ONLY chance to buy this comic so I highly advise you rock on up to the Edge Comix booth and get it while the going’s good.

Apparently there’s other new comics and fun stuff by actually talented people there but c’mon, our table is where it’s at.

Finally – I’ve also been hard at work at an upcoming Kickstarter project that should, if everything works out and I can find my bloody video camera, be up in a week or so from now. It turns out making a decent-looking Kickstarter page is actually a bloody lot of work! Who knew? (Not me)

OK that’s about it for me. Gotta get back to the drawing board and make more silly nonsense about high-ranking canines, filthy-minded confectionery and code-weary adventurers. See you at Supanova!