Well, it’s true, I do have a Kickstarter, thanks for asking!

It’s called Super Blow The Cartridge and it’s awesome! But don’t just take my word for it here, let me tell you about it – IN VIDEO FORM!

Simply put, this is the giant, all-in-one print (and DRM-free digital!) edition of Blow The Cartridge that is going to completely knock your socks off. In fact since I started work preparing this campaign I have been completely unable to wear socks at all.

It’s going to have all the comics I’ve done on Blow The Cartridge so far, AND a ton of new comics done especially for the book that YOU decide on, AND a behind the scenes look at how I make these things, AND excellent bonus stories if we hit Stretch Goals! Seriously it’s going to be incredible.

Check out the Super Blow The Cartridge Kickstarter page – this is something I’ve been waiting AGES to do – and with your help we can make it a reality! And even if you don’t feel like throwing your valuable dollars behind it – PLEASE PLEASE spread the word! Thanks 🙂