Funny Web Comic is a comic…on the web…that is funny.

That’s the plan. Sometimes I accidentally post these things on local bathroom stalls instead.

Here’s what I do know: I love drawing comics and I post them up here. They’re about all sorts of things, but mostly about the life and times of my stupid self.

AND THE COOL BIT: See the little voting thing over to the right, down a bit? VOTE ON IT! This way you can help bring back strips you liked, or banish ones you don’t like to Siberia, or wherever bad comics go to die (I think they’re called the newspapers). And if you want to encourage me to do something new you can vote for that too. No promises about what that would be though.

Email me! Tell me how much better this would be if I actually pencil the comics beforehand or spend more than five seconds inking.

If you like comics about old video games, check out Blow The Cartridge, my site where YOU suggest an old video game, and I will make a comic about it! I also use to make a wacky adventure / humour comic called Plant-Man and Flowerin’! Hoorah!